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Borgo Batone – a community vacation village in Tuscany


Nestled in the Tuscan hills in the Lucca region and not far from the sea lies Borgo Batone. Batone has everything that makes a village a village: a harmonious collection of houses of different sizes, ages and functions, a well, a chapel, a village square and its own spring with water that has medicinal properties. The jewel of the village is the 16th century Villa Barsotti, a typical Luccese villa. It has been restored with a great sense of space and time and furnished with valuable regional antiques. A park-like garden with citrus fruits, camellias, roses and old varieties of fruit trees borders the villa. In the garden there is a large pool with an outdoor shower, fed by spring water.

For a long time, the village lay dormant, but now it is to be revived: as a place to meet friends and (extended) family, as a stage for art and culture, as a place of work for winegrowers and those who work from home, as a refuge from everyday life – in short: as a little piece of home in Tuscany.

Borgo Batone is designed and operated as an Albergo Diffuso (hotel village). This means that all the houses are centrally managed. As a shareholder, you acquire the right to spend a certain number of days in Borgo Batone. The exact number of days depends on size, location, renovation costs and season. Depending on the number of fellow travellers and your mood, you can decide to stay in a suite, in a secluded chapel house or in a prestigious villa. In this way, with each visit, you meet familiar and new faces.

The story so far: After developing the holiday village MeerLeben on the Baltic Sea as a co-operative building community, the Team discovered Borgo Batone in June 2021 and fell in love with the village. This gave rise to the idea of redesigning Borgo Batone as an Albergo Diffuso. In the past weeks and months, they have managed to get so many people enthusiastic about Borgo that together have founded an SRL (the Italian equivalent of a German GmbH) and have made the down payment on the village. Currently, the community of shareholders consists of about 40 parties. In June 2022, the village is due to be purchased and renovation work is to begin.

Location: Tuscany, Lucca region

Living space: 2,012 sqm living space (21 flats) + 443 sqm usable space (bar, chapel, common rooms, wine cellar)

Land area: 25 h (forest, park, olive groves, vineyards, farmland)

Year of construction: 16th-19th c.

Purchase price: Shares at 10,000 euros (entry possible from 3 shares)

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